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Electric-Powered Round Bale Mover
Brad Mummery of Manitoba, Canada, designed a “no hydraulics” electric round bale hauler that he can use behind any vehicle.
    He credits the idea to his friend and mentor Wes Ferguson, as Mummery purchased his original hay spike from him and further improved on the design. The trick, he discovered, was making sure the spike was balanced properly to handle large bales.
    To use, Mummery lines up the spike and then backs the horse team until the spike is buried in the center of the bale. He uses a 3,000-lb. minimum electric winch with two 12-volt car batteries and geared down pulleys to lift the bale in less than a minute. He’s also added a solar panel to his own spike so it can be charged on the go.
    Mummery uses this device to haul bales from across his fields and place them in rows for a semi to pick up. The spike works to lift a bale up on its end to remove the strings and put a feeder over it. It also serves as an opportunity to train horses to back up, gee, and haw.
    On his farm, Mummery typically relies on heavy horses to haul bales and can handle a maximum of about 60 1,200-lb. bales in one day, averaging 10 to 12 bales per hour. (With light horses, he can haul up to 45). The reason this record isn’t higher is that the batteries on the electric winch eventually wear down and require recharging, which can prematurely end the workday.
    Mummery says anyone with a welder and basic metalworking skills could follow his design for an economical round bale mover.

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