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Front Wheel Domes For Silage, Mud
It's like having a set of snap-on flotation tires to get out of "sticky" or impossible situations, say the manufacturers of new quick-tack "Roam-A-Domes" for front tractor wheels.
"We developed them primarily for packing and working silage but have found them to be effective anywhere the going is tough," Alan Grimshaw, sales representative for Lawrence Edwards and Co., Ltd., told FARM SHOW. "We first made them with fiberglass but that wasn't strong enough. Now, they're made of a 10-ga. spun steel that's held up under all testing conditions."
The domes, introduced earlier this year, are already being widely used in bunker silos both to pack silage as well as a way to keep from "rutting" the pile and thereby ruining a certain amount of silage. "They'll also let you carry a full load in your tractor loader, saving both time and fuel," points out Grimshaw. Because Roam-A-Domes are smaller in diameter than the wheels, on firm ground the wheels carry all the weight. In mud, manure or silage, weight distributes evenly over the width of the domes.
A set of brackets and a tension bar are bolted permanently to the wheel using the wheel stud bolts. Domes quickly fasten to these when needed with a single extension bolt.
Domes fit all standard 16-in. wheels and retail in England for around $275 a pair.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lawrence Edwards Co., Ltd., Stourport Road, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England.

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