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Sticker Burr Roller Clears Yards Quickly
Stacy Stubbs gets rid of all the goat heads and sticker burrs that show up in his farmyard. His Sticker Burr Roller grabs the burrs and deposits them in a basket for disposal. The nasty burrs with their long, sharp spikes can penetrate thin shoes, bike tires, and pet and livestock feet.
  I tried everything I could think of to clear the burrs out of my yard, says Stubbs. I started with a short length of log wrapped in a doormat. I used parts of lawn mowers and pieces of pipe and every type of material possible. It took four years to develop a solution.
  Stubbs Sticker Burr Roller is a 14-in. wide, 6-in. dia. foam roller covered with window screening. The window screening passes around the roller and around a pipe that rests over the catch basket before returning to the roller. The frame for the roller, screen and basket is 15 in. long. The handle is 44 in. long.
  As the roller is pushed across the yard, thorn ends pass through holes in the screen to embed in the foam roller. As the screen leaves the roller surface on its way to the catch basket, the burrs are pulled away from the foam roller and fall off into the basket.
  Its a great way to keep goat head stickers and grass burrs from latching onto you, your clothes and your pets, says Stubbs.
  A lot of people suddenly agreed. He had been marketing the roller full-time for two years when he posted a short video of it in use on TikTok, the social media app. By the next morning, it had been viewed 1 1/2 million times. Within 48 hours, it had more than 10 million views and 10,000 comments. It has since exceeded 25 million views, and his website has had over 10,000 visitors.
  More than 1,000 orders flowed in practically overnight. We had to regroup fast, says Stubbs. I got hold of our fabricators and said they needed to quickly step-up production.
  Stubbs is confident hell get caught up with orders. It may be just in time for a new rush as he introduces a tow-behind model. I expect to have it in production in early fall, he says.
  The Sticker Burr Roller is currently available only from the company website. Its priced at $200.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sticker Bur Roller, 1020 W. Utah Ave., Hildale, Utah 84784 (ph 435-229-3776; stickerburroller@gmail.com; www.stickerburrroller.com).

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