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The Original Safety Siphon
The Original Safety Siphon has 40 years of experience and satisfied customers that the company says prove it’s the best siphon in the world.
Owner Mike Ryan started as a sales rep before buying the whole operation.
“We began with a 1/2-in. sized siphon. We’re up to four sizes: 3/8 in., 1/2 in., 3/4 in. and 1 in. The siphons come in 6-ft. and 10-ft. lengths,” says Ryan.
Farmers and boaters are the largest siphon buyers. Siphons can be used to transfer liquids like gas, oil, diesel, kerosene and water.
“You’ll need gravity to work with when you use the siphon,” Ryan said. “You shake it to prime it, and once you fill the hose with liquid, the siphon will automatically transfer it for you. This is very easy to use.”
Inside the copper check valve is a ball and spring that creates the vacuum to bring the fuel into the siphon. It’s much safer than someone sucking on the other end to get the fuel moving from the tank.
“If you’re filling up a tractor, you’ll have to sit the gas can above the tank,” he said. “The check valve end goes into the fuel can, shake it and once it’s full of fuel you don’t have to shake it anymore. Then, it will suck that fuel into the tractor without spilling any of it.
“Farmers have asked about transferring diesel because it’s a thicker and heavier fluid,” Ryan said. “Using the 1/2-in. size can slow down the transfer, but it can still transfer up to 3.5 gals. a min. and up to 6 gals. a min. on the 3/4-in. size.”
The check valves on the end are pure copper, one way to know for sure that you’re getting the Original Safety Siphon. Ryan said many of the knock-off versions are copper-plated.
“We also do a lifetime warranty on our check valves, something you’ll never get with the knock-offs,” he said. “Plus, the hose is made of recycled pvc material, and it won’t break down as quickly as other hoses because there are no fillers in there.”
The siphons are all 100 percent made in America, and they’re not just a handy way to transfer fuel. Livestock farmers can use a siphon to help water their animals. Take a 1/2-in. or 3/4-in. siphon and put the intake end into the water source. The company offers garden hose connectors.
Transferring 3 gals. or less makes the 3/8-in. siphon the right choice. If a farmer needs to transfer between 4 and 10 gals. of fluid, they will use the 1/2-in. model. 15-20 gal. transfers will require the 3/4-in. siphon, and above that, the 1-in. model moves 10 gals. a minute for the big jobs.
3/8-in. and 1/2-in. siphons are $12.99 for 6-ft. and $24.99 for 10-ft. lengths. A 3/4-in. siphon is $23.50 for the 6-ft. and $34.99 for the 10-ft. length. The 1-in. siphon is $30.99 for the 6-ft. model and $39.99 for the 10-ft. size.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mike Ryan, The Original Safety Siphon, 1012 S Center Ave., Somerset, Penn. 15501 (ph 724-344-4864; www.safetysiphon.net).

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