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“The Fetch” Pulls Up Broken Well Pipes
“The Fetch is the perfect tool to help you remove broken pipes or pumps from wells and other cavities. You’ll save time and potentially thousands of dollars if it saves you from having to drill a new well,” says Paul Newton, the Belle Plaine, Kan., inventor of The Fetch well pipe retrieval tool.
Newton was inspired to come up with The Fetch after buying a place with broken well pipes.
“I didn’t know a lot about fixing well pipes, so I called around, and people gave me lots of ideas on ways to handle the problem, none of which made sense,” he said. “After that, they told me how much it would cost to drill a new hole. I didn’t want that either.”
After roughly two weeks of working on concept designs, he hit the workshop and had a prototype built in about four hours. After another year of tweaking and designing, The Fetch was born.
It’s made from long, flat, solid steel that has jaws (called “dogs”) toward the bottom. When lowered down through a pipe via a retrieval line, one of the jaws slides into the opening of the broken pipe and grabs it there, while the other grips it on the outside.
Gravity locks the dogs into place for pulling the pipe out of the hole. “The harder you pull, the tighter the dogs will get,” Newton said.
“Broken pipes are typically located along the sidewall of the casing,” says Newton. “Attempting to lower The Fetch along different parts of the sidewall will yield more success than dropping it down the center of the casing.”
There’s a second line that needs to get tied to The Fetch before lowering it into the hole. It’s the release line that gets tied in one of the smaller holes on the release mechanism built into The Fetch.
“If you can’t pull The Fetch up, don’t worry,” Newton said. “If you’re stuck, relax the retrieval line and pull up on the release line instead. This will cause the dogs to let go, and you can pull The Fetch back up.”
The Fetch comes in different sizes. The 110-3 model is designed for 1-in. pipes. Model 100-2 fits into 2-in. casings. The 114-3 is designed for 1.25-in. openings but is currently out of stock.
“Both of our in-stock models retail for $686.34,” Newton said. “We also offer a buy-back program if you think you’ll only need it one time. Just check the website for details.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Paul Newton, DAPALCO, LLC, 1208 N. Jerrick Road, Belle Plaine, Kan. 67013 (ph 866-397-7347; dapalcofetch@gmail.com; www.thefetch.net).

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