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No-Till Transplanter
Mechanical Transplanter Co. has the add-ons needed to transplant seedlings into no-till beds and fields. The transplanter is compact yet built tough to handle the job.
“We add Yetter row cleaner wheels to remove plant material before the heavy-duty 18-in. wavy cutting disk opens up the ground,” says Dan Timmer, Mechanical Transplanter Co. “The suction point tooth follows, heaving up the soil to create a 3/4 to 1-in. furrow for the seedling.”
The wide furrow is needed for the larger plugs of more established plants recommended for no-till transplanting. Closing up the furrow around the roots is key to plant survival. It is one reason a 50 hp. or larger tractor is recommended to pull the transplanter through the untilled ground.   Weights on the planter are needed to provide 75 to 100 lbs. of down pressure on the closing wheels. To counter the rear weight on the 3-pt. hitch, weights may also be needed on the tractor’s front end.
“There was a lot of interest in no-till transplants when the hemp market boomed,” says Timmer. “The transplanter is finding a market today with the use of crimped cover crops. We have customers using theirs for tomatoes and pumpkins. Rolled ryegrass makes a nice surface for pumpkins to grow on.”
Timmer notes that the no-till elements could be added to an existing transplanter if it’s less than 10 to 12 years old and if it has the right toolbar and 3-pt. hitch. Even then, a single row upgrade may run $1,800. He adds that multi-row transplanter conversions shouldn’t be as expensive on a per row basis.
“The no-till additions raise the price of a new $3,200 transplanter to almost $6,000,” notes Timmer. “That’s expensive, but unless your transplanter is set up for the components, it may be better to buy a new unit.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mechanical Transplanter Co., LLC, 1150 Central Avenue, Holland, Mich. 49423 (ph 616-396-8738; toll-free 800-757-5268; mtc@egl.net; www.mechanicaltransplanter.com).

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