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Nifty Line Of Portable Coops
Pine View Sales LLC makes and distributes simple, secure mobile pens designed to keep chickens and other small animals safe on pasture.
Made entirely from powder-coated steel, the Porta-Coop’s metal netting is welded right to the frame. They’re covered with UV-resistant tarp material that keeps things comfortable inside. Explains Miller, “These tarps ensure that inside the coops it feels like being under a shade tree, not a tin roof.”
Each Porta-Coop acts as a permanent home for the flock, with ample room for foraging. Every few days, you can move the coop to give the birds fresh pasture to explore.
Porta-Coops come with human-sized doors that allow you to get inside without stooping over. They are also designed for easy mobility. When you pick up the handle, the coop’s flat-free wheels will automatically move down so you can push it like a wheelbarrow across the pasture.
Porta-Coop sizes range from a 5-hen capacity to models large enough for 60 layers or 90 meat birds. Prices start at around $1,300 but can vary based on shipping requirements. The coops arrive disassembled but are simple enough for one person to put together. “Assembly is a one-person job - there are only about 25 bolts to put in,” says Miller.
You can buy Porta-Coops directly from the company website or through its network of distributors across the United States. The company is looking for new dealers.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Norman Miller (ph 330-600-5722; rtstone@mac.com; www.porta-coop.com).

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