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Trailer Converted To Portable Goat Shed
Navy veteran Kris Bodenhafer found a new use for a broken-down horse trailer that was headed to the dump. After acquiring the 1980s 2-horse trailer, he decided to use it to feed, house and transport his goats.
He first tore the trailer down to its frame and then rebuilt it.
I was able to take scrap material from the local fire department that had just used some metal containers to create training buildings. This corrugated material worked great to add strength.
Throughout the rebuild, he modified its functionality to better suit goats.
I converted the front manger area for storage of goat tack and feed. It closes off the main compartment to keep the goats from trying to jump out, as goats are little escape artists.
The project cost Bodenhafer around $400 for the trailer and $100 for the title. He figures the value of the free materials he used to rebuild it was at least $2000.
The converted trailer can easily transport 4 to 5 goats with enough room for feed and tack. Bodenhafer uses it a few times per year for American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) and 4-H shows, but its best use is as a drive-by breeding service to bring buck studs to does at neighboring farms.
I added features like external hitching points to make it easier to handle one goat at a time while tying the others off outside of the trailer, he says.
For anyone starting a do-it-yourself project, Bodenhafer recommends looking for free materials. I posted on community social media pages to see if anyone had scrap material they wanted to get rid of. Most landfills charge a fee per pound to get rid of materials. I was able to help the local fire department avoid paying to get rid of their materials. Best of all, I saved myself from having to purchase sheet metal.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kris Bodenhafer (ph 619-890-3651; www.harbor-acres.com).

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