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Drill Dock Keeps Drill And Bits Handy
The Drill Dock is a brand-new storage unit that keeps drills and bits together. “What makes it unique is the Drill Dock is portable,” says Bryan Nooner, President and inventor at Midwest Innovative Products in Ill. “It’s a modular design.”
The Drill Dock can attach to a shop table via its commercial strength clip. And, with a quick touch of a button, The Drill Dock can get moved to a shelf in a work truck, a tool bag, a bucket, a job site, and many other places.
The drill slides into the Drill Dock, and it’s a great way to keep organized. Nooner knows that from personal experience.
“I’ve run a construction company for about 40 years,” he says. “My company builds new homes, and I invented the Drill Dock and many other products based on the needs I see out on our job sites.
“We can use the Dock when guys are up on lifts working on garage doors or buildings,” Nooner says. “You can attach a Drill Dock to bucket lifts, scissor lifts and things like that.”
The slot the drill fits in will handle almost every drill or driver on the market. Some larger impact drills won’t fit, but Nooner says 90 percent of the drills you can find at Lowe’s, Home Depot and other tool stores will fit the Drill Dock.
Those lost drill bits will be a thing of the past, thanks to a heavy-duty magnet attached to the side of the Drill Dock.
A handy drill bit gauge on the Drill Dock can also help you figure out if you have the right-sized bit for a particular job.
Nooner says its durable commercial resins are impact-resistant. “We’ve dropped one from 20 feet up on a scissor lift,” he says. “Nothing breaks on the Drill Dock because it’s extremely tough.”
The Drill Dock will be available in yellow or red. He first began tinkering with the idea several years ago, but Noonan kicked the development process into high gear last year.
“We introduced the product at the National Hardware Show in October,” he says. “It won several awards and was well accepted by every retailer. Companies like Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s have already agreed to carry the line as soon as it’s ready for distribution.”
Nooner says the company is in pre-production and plans to start supplying their retail partners with products in Feb.
“You can pre-order them online and get a $10 discount,” says Nooner.
The red or yellow Drill Dock retails for $29.95.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bryan Nooner, Midwest Innovative Products, 3225 Corporate Drive, Unit C, Joliet, Illinois, 60431 (ph 888-945-4545; Sales@drilldock.com; www.drilldock.com).

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