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Mini Bagger Makes “Haylage To Go”
The Mini Silage Bagger from Farm Tech Canada can pack haylage or silage into a 55-lb. bag. Ideal for small farms and supplying hobby farmers, the sealed bags are easy to transport and store and have a shelf life of up to a year.
    “We have a lot of customers overseas who prefer a small, portable machine,” says Samuel Campos, Farm Tech Canada. “We introduced the Mini Silage Bagger 3 years ago. Our main customers here are small farmers or hobby farmers.”
    Jan Martusewicz, Leray Sealed Storage, first saw the Mini Silage Baggers on YouTube being used in other countries. After 37 years selling Ag Baggers and their bags, Martusewicz saw market potential for the small bags of silage and haylage and signed on as a U.S. dealer.
    “This isn’t new technology, but the size is new,” says Martusewicz. “I think it has a lot of potential for small farmers. Being portable, you could pull into a large operation, buy a ton of silage or haylage, bag it up and take it home.”
    Martusewicz can see the 55-lb. bags being very competitive with small bales of hay for the hobby farm market. He notes that bagged corn silage or haylage isn’t an option for owners of a few animals.
    “The problem with the large Ag Bags is that once you open one, you have to be able to feed a lot every day,” says Martusewicz. “A mini bag can be opened, fed from and closed up tight.”
    The Mini Silage Bagger is priced at $3,900 (U.S.). The 4-ft. high, 4 by 7-ft. long machine is powered by a 6 1/2 hp. gas engine. The all-steel machine weighs 330 lbs. but is easily positioned with its low-speed pneumatic tires.
    The double screw system can be adjusted to increase or decrease compaction of silage entering the 26 1/2-in. dia., 44-in. long bags. Agitators prevent loose silage in the hopper from clogging. Campos reports that it can process 1,000 lbs. of silage an hour on average. Like full-size Ag Bag bags, the mini bagger bags are UV and puncture-resistant.
    “The bags can be stored in piles indoors or outdoors,” says Campos.
    The company also makes a modified Mini Silage Bagger for mushroom producers. “A mushroom farmer contacted us about using the mini bagger for mushroom substrate,” says Campos. “They commonly use 8-in. dia. bags, so we adjusted our machines for them.”
    Farm Tech Canada also makes 5, 7 and 9-ft. dia. silage baggers. Campos says the company is seeking more dealers in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in other countries.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Farm Tech Canada Manufacturing, 186 Cochlan Dr., Morden, Man. Canada R6M 1G5 (ph 204-823-3641; info@farmtechcanada.com; www.farmtechcanada.com) or Leray Sealed Storage, 28787 Martin Rd. N., Evans Mills, N.Y. 13637 (ph 315-783-1856; lerayss@gisco.net; www.leraysealedstorage.com).

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