Fertilizer Made From Food Waste Works Well
Kurt Uhlenhake, Ossian, Iowa: Kurt says a fertilizer made from food waste worked so well on his farm that he became a dealer. “I use the Wiserganic 3-2-2 concentrate product in conjunction with AgriGro’s Ultra product
as a starter and foliar feed for corn, soybeans and alfalfa (https://wiserg.com). “Wiserganic 3-2-2 is made from food waste and has concentrated bioactive compounds and trace micronutrients that produce better on my farm than fish-based products, molasses and other nutrients that I’ve tried.
The manufacturer has data that shows corn treated with Wiserganic 3-2-2 has 70 percent improved shoot growth and 21 percent improved root growth over using just 10-34-0. Using the combination of Wiserganic 3-2-2 AgriGrow’s Ultra and AgriCal has changed my soils and production over the past 4 years. “Wiserganic raises the brix in the growing plants so bugs don’t bother them. The product has low salt, no acid, and it’s non-corrosive, so it’s very easy to handle and doesn’t corrode equipment. It’s high carbon N source stays in the soil, stimulating the microbes that make soil nutrients more available to growing
plants. I’m an organic farmer and it works great on my crops. I sell it to conventional and organic farmers and even a few vegetable growers who are using it in greenhouse drip systems. A dairy farmer customer of mine
uses it on all of his hay fields and says the forage from that land improved his butterfat numbers and cows are eating less because the feed quality is better.” Kurt's number is 563-379-9345

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