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“Made It Myself” Air Conditioning
“It’s been hot and dry in Saskatchewan this past summer so our home was getting pretty warm inside. We don’t have air conditioning. So I hooked up a radiator and fan from a small car to a water hose that runs to our well,” says Dale Rogers, Mayfair, Sask.
“I built a stand that holds the radiator upright on a rubber mat that catches any leakage. Cool water from the well flows into the bottom of the radiator and then exits out the top back to the well.
“I put two taps on the inlet side. One is to turn it on and off and the other one regulates the amount of water flow. That way, when I turn it back on again, I don’t have to experiment with the amount of water flow. I set the ‘regulator’ tap so the water coming out of the top of the radiator is cool, but not cold. If the top return hose is cold, then I know there’s too much water circulating. If the top hose is warm, then I’m not getting maximum cooling.
“I connect the fan wires up to a 12-volt battery and then hook up a battery charger to the battery to keep it fully charged when the fan is running. Works great!”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dale Rogers, Box 59, Mayfair, Sask. Canada (ph 306-246-4577; dalecmrogers@gmail.com).

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