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Single Wheel Tined Row Cleaner
This new "single wheel" tine row cleaner moves trash out of the row ahead of planter row units without gouging the soil or plugging up with trash, says Ausherman GP, Assaria, Kan.
The `Terra-Tine" row cleaner mounts on any 1 1/2-in. dia. round fertilizer coulter shank, either behind or in front of the coulter hub. It can also mount directly on a front toolbar if there are no fertilizer coulters in use. The 16-in. dia. wheel runs at about a 45 degree angle to the direction of travel. It's mounted on a floating arm and is equipped with replaceable spring steel tines that clear a 7 to 9-in. wide path in the row. Spring pressure on the tines can be adjusted by changing the position of bolts on the floating arm's mounting bracket.
"It avoids a lot of the problems associated with row cleaners that use pairs of intersecting wheels," says John Martin, product manager. "Because it mounts on a fertilizer coulter or fertilizer bar instead of the planter unit there's no problem finding room for it. The floating arm allows it to work well in a variety of conditions and always keeps the wheel turning without allowing the tines to dig too far into the soil. The curve, or `foot', at the end of each tine acts like a depth gauge to limit tine depth in the soil, unlike straight spikes which can dig too deep. The "foot" also keeps trash from wrapping up on the wheel. Another advantage is that a single wheel requires less maintenance.
"The wheel has six sets of replaceable spring tines, with two tines per section. The tines are held in place by two bolt-on plates. If a tine breaks you can replace it by unbolting the plates and inserting a new tine assembly."
A set screw is used to secure the collar to the shank and to set the angle of the wheel. "The wheel should be set so that the tines just clear the coulter blade and carriage," notes Martin. A bolt-on extension arm can be used to mount the wheel behind the coulter hub. If you don't' use fertilizer coulters, a clamp kit and shank is available to mount wheel directly onto fertilizer bar.
Sells for $170 per row.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ausherman GP, Box 218, Assaria, Kan. 67416 (ph 913 667-4755).

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