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Do-It-Yourself Sausage, Salami
If you have some meat ready for processing, the Butcher & Packer Supply Company in Madison Heights, Michigan, has a wild game summer sausage and salami kit with your name on it.
It’s a simple idea: you supply the ground meat and the company provides the casing and the flavors.
“We’re here to help those folks who want to make their own sausage, whether from wild game or domestic animals,” says Mario Sexton, Sales Manager for Butcher & Packer Supply.    
Their home processing kits are set up to help season either 10 or 25 lbs. of ground meat. The kits come with casings.
“The kit includes curing salt, which is going to help with the shelf life of your product,” Sexton says. “It will make the product last longer and keep it free from any micro activity in the cooking process.”
They also provide sodium phosphate in some of the kits, which helps the meat retain the moisture that can be lost during the typical cooking cycles.
Hunters who like smoked meat have the option of what he calls “flavor enhancers” that come with a kit. Meat cooking in a kitchen oven will have a smoky flavor that tastes like it came straight from a smoker.
The process is that folks dump their seasoning into whatever meat they want to process, along with the curing salt. Just before you stuff it into a casing, you’ll need to add your binder.
“The reason a binder is added last is that the mixture tends to lock up,” Sexton says. “The mixture tends to get tougher as you stir it.”
Binders improve the moisture retention and the texture and sliceability of the meat, making it easier to work with.
“We recommend using sausage stuffers when it’s time to fill the casings,” he adds. “That way, you can pack the cylinder, and as you crank the handle, it’ll push the meat flat where it goes out of the stuffing horn and into the casing.”
Complete sausage kits start as low as $13.95.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Butcher & Packer Supply Company, 1780 E 14 Mile Rd., Madison Heights, Mich, 48071 (ph 248 583-1250; www.butcher-packer.com).

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