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New Automatic Coop Door Opener
The ChickSafe door from Brinsea lets chickens out in the morning and shuts them in at night. The door opener has no mechanical switches and just one moving part that lifts the door. It relies on gravity to close the door; microprocessors do the rest.
The 2-stage door openers are available on their own or with 2-piece doors that open to 22 by 13 in. The 2-panel aluminum doors are 11 3/4 by 7 1/4 in. and mount in 22-in. high pvc runners. However, the opener can operate any sliding, vertical door from 10 oz. up to 9 lbs.
The battery-powered ChickSafe door openers are available in 2 models, the Eco and the Advance. The Eco uses light levels alone to trigger the door to open or release it to close. The software looks for long term light level changes, ensuring the door won’t open when exposed to passing car headlights.
An indicator light visible up to 100 yards away warns if battery power is low or if the door has jammed.
The Advance, with its digital display, takes the Eco features to another level. It adds a timer and manual override functions to program different opening times on different days. It also offers manual opening and closing control. A weekend “lie-in” feature delays the opening of the door on 2 days out of 7.
ChickSafe door openers are made in the U.K. and start at $99.99. A complete Advance opener with door kit is priced at $219.99 but was on sale midsummer at $199.99. They are only available online or from the Brinsea Products catalog. They come with 4 AA batteries expected to last a year or more.
Brinsea offers a range of products from software and books to incubators and brooders. The company website includes extensive how-to resources for bird and egg production. Catalogs are available in print and digital format.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brinsea Products, 704 N. Dixie Ave., Titusville, Fla. 32796 (ph 321 267-7009; toll free 888 667-7009; sales@brinsea.com; www.brinsea.com).

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