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He Printed A Better Mousetrap
Brian Buhler, Wasilla, Alaska grew up in a small farming community in southern Minnesota and went to college to become an automation engineer. He created a 3D printed mousetrap with a touchless sensor that triggers a microcontroller with a servo motor to drop the rodent into a bucket. The trap resets itself automatically.
“Regular mousetraps work great. The problem is when you set 15 traps and catch 15 mice there are still 25 out there. Poison works too but sometimes mice crawl under something to die, leaving an awful smell,” says Buhler.
Buhler has been selling his trap for about a year and half. He uses Prusa l3 printers to “print” the traps which take 6 hrs. for the mouse trap and 8 hrs. for the rat version.
“I have a place in Crosby, Minn. and tested three traps. I had 13 mice in one bucket, 11 in another and 9 in the last. The Ultimate traps beat spending the first day back at the cabin cleaning up after mice.”
Traps are available in regular or long flap versions. They run on 120-volt AC or on batteries.
Traps start at $58.90 for the battery powered Ultimate Mouse Trap with free shipping for U.S. orders. FARM SHOW readers can get a 7% discount using the code “FARMSHOW”.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brian Buhler, 4300 S. Well Site Rd., Wasilla, Alaska 99654 (www.Buhler3DPrints.com).

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