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Pygmy Goats Still Going Strong
Pygmy goats have become more popular, and the breed standard has changed slightly since they were first featured in FARM SHOW back in 1984 (Vol. 8, No. 4).    
Besides maintaining a website that contains just about everything you need to know about the breed, Debbie Hosley sells pygmy goats that she and her husband raise in Norco, Calif. She also offers a marketing service to connect buyers and sellers nationally and internationally.
She purchased her first pygmy goats at a swap meet more than 40 years ago and found them “kind of contagious”.
“They are small, cute, easy to take care of, and they don’t need a lot of space,” Hosley says, adding standards for them have evolved over the years. “Now they are shorter with a deeper body and heavy-boned.”
Originating from Africa, the 16 to 23 1/2-in. tall pygmy goats are resilient and do well in extreme temperatures. It can be 10 degrees F and they will lay in the sun, Hosley notes. She has shipped them to Hawaii, Qatar and the Philippines. They are also popular in Alaska.
With prestigious awards from years of winning prizes at shows, the Hosleys and their quality registered African Pygmy goats are well known among breeders. Hosley uses those connections to market goats for customers that range from 4-Hers to celebrities such as Terry Bradshaw.
“There’s a lot of international interest right now. Kuwait has its own shows,” Hosley says, explaining she works with an exporter to handle the shipping regulations.
She stresses quality and follow up with all the goats she sells.
“All our babies are bottle babies, which helps makes them the ultimate pet. We blood test once a year and offer lifetime support to buyers,” she says.
Always being available to answer questions is what sets Amber Waves apart, Hosley says, and is part of the purchase price.
Buyers can get goats as young as 4 weeks old ($800/males; $1,200/females). They are dehorned, microchipped and down to two bottles a day.
“Most people that want pets get a thrill out of bottle feeding,” Hosley says. And many cities such as Seattle and Denver allow residents to have goats.
Anyone interested in goats can find photos, descriptions and prices on the Amber Waves website. Some are owned by other breeders in the western part of the U.S. All are purebred, registered pygmy goats that meet the standards.
While pygmy goats are more available than they were 40 years ago, Hosley offers tips for purchasing them.
“Research the breeder. Make sure the goats are tested yearly. And make sure the breeder will be there when you need support,” she says.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Amber Waves Bearded Silkies and African Pygmy Goats, 1320 Mountain Avenue, Norco, Calif. 92860 (ph 951-233-4231; https://amber-waves-pygmy-goats-and-bearded-bantam.business.site/)

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