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Corn Maze Created Without GPS
Strom’s Farm and Bakery in Ontario, Canada, has all kinds of attractions from wagon rides to pedal tractor races. But for many, the fall highlight is the 6-acre corn maze, which includes over 5 kilometers of paths.
Unlike most corn mazes, the Strom’s make theirs without the use of GPS. “When we started in 2002, we wanted to figure out how to do it ourselves without expensive CAD and GPS software that we couldn’t justify,” says Channing Strom.
Strom explains: “All we needed was a spreadsheet program and a planter with consistent row spacing. We pull logos into a spreadsheet that has been narrowed to a square grid. We fill in with paths that follow the grid. This gets printed off on a plotter with the grid lines numbered in the background.”
Tall, long-season field corn is then planted in a square grid pattern at half the normal population in each direction. Once the corn reaches 6 to 8 in. tall, staff can count rows from the printout and mark paths using baseball diamond chalk. A crew of about 10 students is then put to work hoeing out these marked paths.
On average, it takes 6 hrs. to create about 2 1/2 miles of paths within the 6-acre maze. And, as corn is in the grass family, each stalk will continue to grow and requires several rounds of mowing to die back completely.
Overall, this low-tech solution has proven successful. “We get to within 15 in. accuracy in the middle of the field,” says Strom, “pretty good for the simplicity of it.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Strom’s Farm & Bakery, 5089 Wellington RD. 32, Guelph, Ontario Canada (ph
519 822-1070; info@strom.ca; www.strom.ca).

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