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He Makes Custom Fishing Spears
Lyle Edwards enjoys spear fishing, so he decided to make his own spears. They turned out well, so he gave a couple to a nephew. Word spread and soon others were asking for them. Five years later, Edwards sells a variety of spears he makes on his Adrian, N.D. farm through his business Poseidon Spears.
“Mine are more robust with bigger tines than ones on the market. I weld on the barbs and they are all stainless steel. We can also do powder-coating if a customer wants,” Edwards says. The tines are 5/16-in. steel and the shaft is 1/2-in. stainless steel.
He can customize the number of tines on each spear - from one to nine tines. And customers can choose from oak, walnut or exotic wood handles or choose ornate metal handles with brass accents.
Edwards sells full-length spears, typically between 5 1/2-ft. and 6-ft. long. Spears with shafts that have 2 pieces are also popular as they can be shipped and transported more easily and safely stored in a poly case. The shaft sections connect securely with a set screw.
Each spear comes with 20-ft. of paracord and a snug-fitting oak sleeve that protects the points of the tines. Prices range from $275 to $475, plus shipping.
Edwards enjoys the challenge of customizing the spears with the accents and details customer’s request. Examples can be found on his Facebook page.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lyle Edwards, 8438 59th St. SE, Adrian, N. Dak. 58472 (ph 701 320-0197; ndkingsnow@yahoo.com; Facebook: Poseidon Spears).

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