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Solar-Powered Pond Aeration
Farm pond aeration minimizes algae growth, keeps fish alive, and reduces unpleasant odors, among other benefits.
But many ponds are in remote locations without power. “Often, solar aeration is the best and only choice,” says U.S. Solar Mounts owner Eric Pipkin, whose off-grid solar-powered aerators use high-efficiency air compressors to agitate ponds.
Solar aeration systems usually run around $7,000. That’s often 2 to 3 times what you’ll pay for a conventional system, but most owners recoup these costs within a few seasons of use.
U.S. Solar Mounts prides itself on the depth of experience it offers to customers. “We bring 20 years of commercial electrical background and expertise to these products. We guarantee they are high quality.”
The company has 3 standard systems or you can have one custom-designed for your pond. You’ll receive everything you need to get started except the mounting pole.
Pipkin says the installation process is straightforward. “If you can use a wrench, you can put this system together. In fact, the hardest part for everyone is digging the hole for the mounting pole.”
Other leading solar aeration companies include Outdoor Water Solutions (866 471-1614; www.outdoorwatersolutions.com) and ProLake Professional Lake Management Products (800 493-4831; www.prolakeproducts.com). Both brands will work with you to determine which aeration system best suits your pond, so you make the best purchase decision for your property.     Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Eric Pipkin, US Solar Mounts Corp., 3498 Acorn Ave., Sparta, Wis. 54656. (ph 608 797-3999; info@ussolarmounts.us; www.ussolarmounts.us).

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