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Nifty Way To Hang A Heavy Gate
Hanging a heavy farm gate is never easy, especially one made with home sawn timber. We recently spotted this gate hanging “secret” in an issue of Small Farmer’s Journal.
Farm gates made with native lumber are heavy, especially when they stretch to 14 ft. The best strap hinges didn’t hold, nor did a number of other methods. Eventually the farmer, J. Eric Turner, came up with a gate that pivoted on a pipe and was hinged to the top of the gate post.
He dug a square hole about 6 in. out from the gate post and directly in the gateway. He filled it with concrete to secure a 3/4-in. pipe, leaving about 4 in. sticking out of the concrete.
Turner used a 4 by 4 for the gate post end of the gate panel. He cut it long, so it extended well beyond the height of the gate panel. He then attached a brace from the top of the 4 by 4 to the opposing lower corner of the panel.
With the 4 by 4 resting on the pipe, Turner created a hinge point near the top of the gate post. After rounding the 4 by 4, he wrapped it with a piece of steel bent to fit and nailed the ends to the gate post. While he used a piece of wagon wheel tire, any steel strap should do. The key here is for the 4 by 4 to turn freely inside the strap.
The weight of the gate rests mainly on the pipe instead of on hinges. While some weight pulls on the upper hinging strap, it is significantly less than with standard hinges. The extra-long brace helps keep the gate from sagging across its length.
Turner’s gate tips originally appeared in Small Farmer’s Journal Home & Shop Companion #73.
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