First Sun-Powered Electric Fence
"It's this country's first solar-powered electric fence and one of the biggest developments in electric fencing in the last 20 years," says Ken Turner, general sales manager for Parker McCrory Mfg. Co., Kansas City, Mo.
The Solar-Pak fencer charges up to 25 miles of fence with 8 volts of power. The 6-volt GEL battery power pack is charged entirely by the sun. It's a completely weatherproof, sealed unit which is maintenance-free," points out Turner. "You just set the solar cells at the correct angle and let them charge."
The unit features a 6-in. by 10-in. panel of solar collecting cells, mounted right on top of the battery pack. Just a little sun will do a lot of charging. (A Parker McCrory representative demonstrated the unit indoors for FARM SHOW. It generates almost a full charge from a shaded heat lamp.) Turner says the unit will charge on moderately cloudy days from light reflected and, if necessary, will operate the fencer for 21 days without sun.
One side benefit of the solar fencer is that with constant recharging by the sun, the battery is always at full charge. This prolongs the life of contact points and other components in the charger, according to Turner.
Parker McCrory field-tested the fencer last year and began full-scale production on the unit this spring.

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