2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21, Page #54
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Roto Crusher Super Mulcher
For rocks, wood and soil, the Roto Crusher Super Mulcher is the machine for opening up new land, removing stumps, crushing stones, removing old orchards or vineyards, opening up land for pipelines, and more.
  The Roto Crusher Super Mulcher can mulch wood up to 10-in. dia., crush stones up to 10-in. dia., and work everything into the soil to a depth of 9 in. deep on the first pass and 18 in. on the second pass.
  The Roto Crusher is made for below surface grade work using tungsten carbide “Blonxx Pics” that were developed for the mining industry, and are very long lasting.
  The hydraulic curved rear leveling blade has two functions; when up it serves as a guard frame / tree pusher, and when down it’s a compacting / leveling depth control.
  Each Roto Crusher is shipped with two complete heavy duty gearboxes to give the operator two rotor speeds, slow for rock crushing, and fast for working in wood.
  The Roto Crusher Super Mulcher model T- 200 has a working width of two metres (6.5 ft.) and a weight of 8360 lbs. It requires a tractor with 2275 - 350 HP, 1000 rpm PTO and a CVT transmission.
  There are smaller and larger models up to 500 HP available.

For more information and to see videos of the Roto Crusher Super Mulcher, please see www.rotocrusher.com or call The St. George Company (800) 461-4299.

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2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21