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Modified Allis C Gets The Job Done
Alan “Lindy” Linda, New York Mills, Minn., has made multiple modifications to his Allis C for mowing around his property.
He added turf tires to the back and temporary automotive spares to the front to minimize lawn damage. Steps and a hand rail were added to get up on the tractor from the left side.
“I added a push mower to the right side for getting around trees. After completely rebuilding the tractor engine I now have a lot more power. In any normal to heavy lawn mowing, 2nd gear works fine,” says Linda.
The seat from an early fifties International Harvester semi was added for comfort. “Having a seat with springs is an unbelievable improvement over any foam seat,” says Linda.
Since he mows a small orchard with about 60 apple trees, Linda added a tow bar to pull a 20-in. mower to reach under trees. Metal pipe was used to make bars to lift the branches of the trees up and over the operator.
Linda converted the tractor to 12 volt and moved the battery back behind and below the seat to a platform made by extending the heavy side framing beside the seat. He also added rollbar.
“This past winter, I completely dissassembeled the pedestal front end and made a new drag link, replacing the bolster seals and bearings. I run cornhead grease in the Gemmer steering box because the seals would not hold regular heavy gear oil.
“I fought with the Marvel Schlebler carburetor and always had to run with a bit of choke. During the last disassembly, I soaked the bowl and nozzle-jet in liquid Barkeepers Friend (www.barkeepersfriend.com). I had it around from getting mineral stains off a shower wall. The result was unbelievably better. It now starts with no choke in normal weather and runs and idles perfect. I think some mineral buildup occurs in the bottom, unaccessible passages of the carb bowl. With a 24-hr. soak, and after years of trying everything I could, it finally works perfectly,” says Linda.
He notes that the mower is shown with the belt shields off as he repainted the Woods mower. “After mowing the first time, I realized that grass clippings and dust don’t accumulate as they did before with the guards gone. I recently replaced the Woods belt, even though the old one was working but was 40 years old. I think that has to be a record for a Woods belt,” says Linda.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup Alan “Lindy” Linda, New York Mills, Minn. 56567.

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