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Converted Stackmover Hauls Two Bales at Once
Old Hesston stackmovers make nifty 3-pt. bale movers, says Bill Simon son, Avon, Ill., who moves two bales at a time using a bale mover he fashioned out of a converted stackmover with the help of neighbor Donald Kirkpatrick.
"It was originally designed to carry a 3,000 lb. stack so hauling two 1,500 lb. bales is no problem. The frame of the stackmover is made out of square tubing. We simply bought a 5-ft. long piece of 4-in. sq. tubing to slide inside the existing frame. We slid the extension tube in so that about 2 ft. of it sticks out the right side of the mover. We then anchored the extension tube so it would stay in place. Because the stackmover tines attach directly to the frame, we had to build up the extension tube with angle iron so a tine would fit tightly over it. We then welded a U-shaped hook to the outer end of the extension and ran a cable and come-along from the hook to the top of the stackmover tower. This extra support helps hold up the extension.
"The stackmover originally had five tines. We removed one and positioned the other four to accomodate two big bales side by side. Because of the way we built it, the right bale sticks out beyond the right tractor tire so it's away from traffic when moving bales on the road. I need about a 100 hp. tractor or bigger. I've used the bale mover for four years with no problem. I haven't seen anything like it on the market that can handle two bales at once."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill Simonson, Rt. 2, Avon, Ill.. 61415 (ph 309 426-2750).

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