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Tiny Harrow Ideal For Small Fields
The Dutch company Treffler makes precision harrows up to 60-ft. wide but their tiny 4-ft. harrow developed for greenhouses and market gardens is a real eye-catcher. It can be pulled through the field by hand, by horse, or by a small tractor.
“The Tiny Treffler has the same top-of-the-line components as our full-size harrows,” says Ana Pelgröm at Treffler. “It is equipped with Combi Springs for a wide range of harrowing pressure and tines with carbide tips for better penetration and longer life.”
The Combi Spring is really a spring inside of another spring. It can apply as little as 7 oz. of pressure on early stage, fragile crops. The roll-up bar can increase tine pressure to as much as 11 lbs. for more aggressive harrowing in maturing crops. The design follows the contour of the field with constant downward pressure. The carbide teeth are set at an angle of 120 degrees, with a 1-in. distance between tines to ensure the surface is evenly harrowed.
“The Tiny Treffler also is available in 2 larger models with working widths of 3 ft., 4 in. and 4 ft., 3 in.,” says Pelgröm. “All 3 units are available with a 3-pt. hitch for use with a tractor or with a draft hitch for use with a horse.”
Pelgröm notes that while the larger Tiny Trefflar can be hand drawn, the tow bar is designed for 2 people.
The harrows come standard in steel. They can be ordered in lighter weight aluminum, but at a higher price. The change reduces the 187-lb. weight of the smaller model by 77 lbs.
A self-propelled version with a Honda engine is also available as a special order. Pelgröm reports that the company is working on a solar-powered unit.
Base prices on the Tiny Treffler’s 3 models range from nearly $2,736 to $3,770. Sales are direct from the company.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Treffler-M@M, Molenstraat 4, 4364 AA Grijpskerke, Nederland (ph 31 (0) 630035123; treffler@manatmachine.com; www.organicmachinery.net).

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