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Deluxe Farm Toys
"My son Benjamin loves to play with authentic toy tractors and he always looks for a tractor with a 3-pt. hitch when shop-ping around. They're not easy to find and, once you do find one, it's difficult to find toy implements to mount on it," says Ben Kennedy, Coeburn, Va.
When his uncle bought him a Massey Ferguson with a 3-pt., he also built several implements that Ben could use, including a wheel rake, sickle bar mower, rotary tiller, boom, disc harrow, and plow. They all attach to the 3-pt. for hours of detailed, authentic farm play. They can be raised and lowered just like the real thing.
Ben also had a lot of interest in his uncle's saw mill, and often pretended he was milling logs. Now his pretending is much more real since his uncle built him a sawmill with a working carriage, saw blade, engine, and even rollers to move lumber and slabs. It looks very authentic and, as far as I know, there's nothing like it on the market.
Ben's now getting an education no book could teach him, thanks to the toys his uncle built for him. Both fanning and saw milling are important to this country and my son would much rather pretend to be engaging in these activities than watching TV."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ben Kennedy, Rt. 2, Box 195, Coeburn, Va. 24230 (ph 703 395-3281).

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