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Throttle Booster Cures “Pedal Lag”
If pedal lag is a problem on any of your vehicles, check out Pedal Monster from Banks Power. It counteracts the soft response to stepping on the gas resulting from manufacturers’ attempts to maximize fuel economy. They call it “throttle enrichment delay”. The Pedal Monster works with gas and diesel-powered vehicles, whether automatic or manual.
“Pedal Monster intercepts signals between the pedal assembly and the vehicle computer and modifies those signals,” explains Gale Banks, Banks Power.
Pedal Monster is what the aftermarket auto industry refers to as throttle boosters. It is one of many, but stands out from the others in a number of ways.
“If there is a problem with our competitors’ systems, you are left with no pedal response,” says Banks. “Pedal Monster is constantly monitoring pedal up and pedal down signals flowing to the computer. If it sees something wrong, it returns the system to stock (normal pedal response).”
Another problem with competing systems is their power demand, he adds. “They draw power by tapping into the pedal monitor circuit which, on many vehicles, doesn’t have enough power overload for the booster.”
Banks solves that problem by running a power cable to OBD (on-board diagnostics) ports, where mechanics normally plug in OBD equipment.
Since this offers direct access to the vehicle’s computer, the Pedal Monster also has vehicle speed sensing for smoother clutch engagements and gear sensing for reverse safety. Under 10 mph forward and when shifting into reverse, Pedal Monster reverts to stock pedal response.
Pedal Monster is controlled by a free iPhone or Android mobile app or a Banks monitor installed in the vehicle.
Pedal Monster is priced at $295.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Banks Power, 546 S. Duggan Ave., Azusa, Calif. 91702 (ph 800 601-8072; sales@bankspower.com; www.bankspower.com).

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