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Camera Traps Identify Insect Infestations
A remote insect monitoring system called iScout immediately identifies trouble-making bugs out in the field. It traps insects on a sticky plate, takes a picture with a high definition camera, and sends the image to the owner’s computer or smart phone. Built-in software uses artificial intelligence to identify the insects.
Bugs are attracted to the trap by specific pheromone lures that attract insects such as the codling moth, tomato leafminer and many other species. Metos produces Pheromone, Fruit Fly and Bug versions of the iScout along with a Scout Color Trap that attracts insects to blue, yellow and white colored sticky plates.
The types and number of traps needed depend on field sizes and the insects being targeted. Producers may need several traps in larger fields or different versions of the iScouts in the same location.
“Our products can monitor a broad spectrum of more than 20 different insect species that endanger many crops,” says Marty Cook, Vice President of Premium Services, METOS Canada. The information is supplied in real time so producers can quickly determine how and when to react to the bugs. Images are transferred from the field camera to the owner’s smart phone or computer up to 3 times a day. A solar panel and rechargeable battery maintain power for the camera and transmitting images. Pictures are time and date stamped so files can be monitored to determine the level of infestation over time.
The products are produced by Pessl Industries in Austria and shipped to Canada for distribution through the METOS dealer network. Annual cost is $1,000 per year Canadian, which includes all required hardware, FieldClimate software, alerts and cellular connectivity.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Metos Canada, 1666 Dublin Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0H1, Canada (ph 800 665-1362; website: www.metoscanada.ca).

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