2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21, Page #35
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New Hay Conditioning Replacement Rollers
Why are The Crusher Rollers better than factory?
With over 16 years of experience in the hay roller market, B&D Rollers has developed the world’s largest inventory of aftermarket hay conditioning rollers in the world. Our mission is to dry hay faster, condition it better and make it softer and more palatable. They also decrease your dry down by DAYS and increase your Relative Feed Value by as much as 50 points! Our unique roller design is 100% contact (NO GAP) in the roller setting, you set them tight together. All other factory rollers on the market have a gapped setting. This does not allow for a full crush as ours do. The rolls are able to feed and condition most forage’s extremely well. It crushes the stem completely and aspirates it to dry faster than any other roller design out there, including, steel, rubber and urethane.
The rubber compound that we’ve specifically developed for The Crusher is by far superior to any rubber compound out there. This enables the rollers to outlast and out perform any other roller on the market. We’ve seen from most of our customers the rollers lasting more than 3,000 hours because of the rubber compound. Along with this, the rollers give the same performance throughout the life of the roll, whereas factory rolls only condition for the first year of their life.
Question - Why do factory rolls fail? When the sharp edges or 90 degree corners get rounded (no matter what factory pattern steel or rubber), they lose their crimping ability. Why does The Crusher outperform factory rolls? With the rollers being rounded and 100% contact, they wear into each other evenly. With NO square edges or corners to wear down or round off, they perform the same the life of the roll. No other roller performs like this but ours. Rollers are also balanced to 1500 RPM’S and some factory rolls are not balanced at ALL! No wonder some other factory rolls break in half. The Crusher rolls give the same outstanding performance day in day out! No wrapping or clogging and are a self-cleaning roller in most cases. If you look at the picture, the forage is completely limp like spaghetti. This proves the rollers do their job like no other.
B&D Rollers has the LARGEST inventory of NEW aftermarket hay conditioning rollers in the World!
Our inventory is extensive, New Holland, John Deere, AGCO/ Hesston/ Massey, Krone, MacDon, Pottinger are most of the major brands that we make new rollers for. NO ONE has this extensive of an inventory like we do! The rollers are fully guaranteed for 1 year.
B&D Rollers 1430 2nd Ave NE, Glenwood, MN 56334
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Office 320-634-5115
Sales- Option 1, Trevor Mix, trevor@bdrollers.com, Option 2, Mark Wilson, mark@bdrollers.com
Shop Manager- Option 3, Quinn Ostrander, quinn@bdrollers.com
Front Office- Option 4, JoElle Grundman, joelle@bdrollers.com
Instagram- @bd_rollers
Linkedin- @b-d-rollers
Website- www.bdrollers.com
Face Book- B&D Rollers
Twitter- @bdrollers

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2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21