2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21, Page #31
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Short Season Open-Pollinated Corn
“Most open-pollinated corn is grown in southern areas with longer growing seasons. Beneficial varieties for growers with a short season have not been widely available. We’re changing that with faster finishing, OP corn varieties that will let growers that have a short season to profit from open-pollinated corn,” says Vaughn Emo, Avoca, N.Y. of Green Haven Open-Pollinated Seed Group.
Green Haven Open-Pollinated Seed Group is a nationwide organization of seedsmen based in western N.Y. They are focusing on improving OP varieties for silage, grain and wildlife plots. Many varieties are available certified organic.
Green Haven offers 75-day Kucyk early, 85-day Wapsie valley, 86-day Dublin, 87-day MN 13, 100-day Reid Yellow dent, 100 day Silver king, Blue corn, Orange corn, Bloody Butcher 110 day, 114-day Green Field 114, and 120-day Lancaster Sure Crop.
Open-pollinated corn is said to be higher in protein and sugar than regular hybrids, giving livestock farmers higher feed value. Of course, the biggest advantage is that farmers can select their own seed from this year’s crop to plant next year. Open pollinated sweet corn, pop corn and Red Clover, Hulles oats, Danko Rye and Timothy seed and pumpkin seed are also available.
For a free brochure contact FARM SHOW Followup, Green Haven Open-Pollinated Seed Group, 8225 Wessels Rd., Avoca, N.Y. 14809 (ph 607 566-9253; email:opcorn@gmail.com; www.openpollinated.com).

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2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21