2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21, Page #30
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Sewer Skewer Vent Defroster
Here’s a simple way to keep your sewer vents from freezing over in cold weather. The sewer skewer prevents ice buildup in roof top vent pipes. You simply drop the unit in to the top of the vent pipe. And you’re done.
One size fits all. The skewer is made of copper, which is an excellent conductor of heat. It takes heat from the warm sewer gas and transfers it to the top of the vent pipe. Melting off any ice plugs that may occur. There are a series of 10 vent holes in the top of the curvature. This allows venting even with a partially plugged vent.
We have developed two models. The sewer skewer regular, which protects to temperatures -15 below zero.
Sells for $59.95 and is about 17 inches long.
And the Sewer Skewer XL (extra-long) which is good for temperatures down to -25 below zero.
And sells for $97.95 and is 47 inches long.
Over the last 7 years we have sold tens of thousands of the patented Sewer Skewers since Farm Show first did the article on us. Now it is available in hundreds of retail locations.
They are also available on our website SewerSkewer.com. We ship all orders immediately, and normally you can get them within two days. As a special offer, get free shipping and handling when you purchase two units. Just use promo code “Farm Show 20” by March 1st, 2021.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Villella Products, LLC, 24640 Labrador Beach Road, Pelican Rapids, Minn. 56572 (www.sewerskewer.com; lvillella@aol.com).

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2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21