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Corn-Saving Snappers for Deere Combines
"They dramatically improve performance of Deere corn heads," says Pixall, manufacturer of new "knife type" snapping rolls that operate off the existing gear box.
The new-style rollers feature 10 sharpened, chrome-plated knife blades that inter-mesh to aggressively grip corn stalks and weeds, pulling them cleanly and firmly down through the snapper plates and crimping them for faster decomposition.
A kit for each row, containing one right and one left roller, and pins for both, retails for $394 per row and is backed by a money-back guarantee.
"We originally developed the knife rolls for havesting sweet corn which is difficult to harvest because the stalks are green and tough," Pixall's Sales Manager Dwight Rosen, points out.
"Conventional snapping rolls won't work.
We solved the problem with knife rollers. They're available to all growers who harvest their crop with a Deere corn head. In regular field corn, we think you'll recover enough extra com, normally lost because of shattering, to pay for them in one or two harvesting seasons. Just 1% increase in yield on 500 acres of 150-bu. corn, selling for $2.25 per bu., is $1,687 extra income."
Rosen says the crimping and chopping action of the knife rolls can often eliminate the need for shredding stalks.
"The rolls, made of welded steel, are more flexible than standard cast iron snap-ping rolls. You can clamp them down on a moderately worn gearbox shaft without having to rebuild or replace the shaft."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup,Pixall Mfg., Clear Lake, Wis. 54005 (ph 1-800 628-6196, or 715 263-2112).

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