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“Splash Bib” Keeps Gas Off Your Vehicle
Ever filled up your car with gas, but had the gas splash back and dribble down the side of your vehicle? To keep that from happening, a few years ago Marty Heilman, Andover, Minn., designed a rubber bib that safely drains the gas away. His “Gas Splash” measures 6 in. long by 4 in. wide and has a gas-cap size hole near the top. The rubber is very flexible, making it easy to put on and take off. To install, you remove the vehicle’s gas cap and stretch the bib around the filler tube, then replace the cap and fold the bib up over it. The next time you open the door, just grab the bib and fold it down so it hangs outside the door. “I got the idea one day while watching our baby girl eat while sitting in a high chair, and getting food all over her bib,” says Heilman.
“I made a pattern and cut out part of an old truck tire tube, then tried it out on my friends’ cars. They loved them. “A local business called Car World made about 1,000 bibs for me, in two different sizes, and I gave most of them away to local car dealers who gave them to customers. We even printed the dealer’s name on the bib. But for various reasons the marketing effort soon fizzled out, and no more bibs were ever made. Now I only have a couple left.” He says the bib works on vehicles with locking gas caps, and on vehicles without a gas cap as you can just stretch the bib over the filler tube. Another advantage is the bib protects the vehicle if you accidentally bang a gas pump nozzle against the car. “Over the years I’ve used it on my lawn tractor, 4-wheeler, and snowmobile. It’s really handy when I have to use a 5-gal. gas can, because it’s hard to keep a big can like that steady as you pour.” Heilman is looking for a manufacturer. “I think the Gas Splash could be sold for under $5,” he says.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Marty Heilman, 148th Lane N.W., Andover, Minn. 55304 (ph 763 434-7301; mheilman@comcast.net).

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