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Makita Boosts Cordless Tools With Better, Same-Size Batteries
Makita tools just launched its new 40V XGT product line with a brushless motor and battery redesign to do more without bulking up batteries. The new system (80V with 2 batteries) is a significant power upgrade from the company’s 18V LXT line with its 275 tools. The availability of 40V batteries and the ability to pair them opens the door to more powerful, construction grade tools in the XGT line.
In late March, FARM SHOW was invited to a virtual launch of the new system in the U.S. New XGT tools faced off against corded AC tools breaking concrete, driving large fasteners, cutting wood, and working metal. The demos were impressive, as the XGT finished the same jobs, often in considerably less time.
Competitors in cordless tools have long recognized the need for more powerful tools for farmers, construction workers, and tradesmen. Often the tradeoff is more weight and a larger battery size.
Makita opted for a redesign of tool and battery that retains the 18V battery footprint with more power and faster charging. A 2.5Ah, 40V XGT battery will be the same physical size and weigh about the same as their current 1-lb., 6-oz., 5Ah 18V battery.
“We are providing more power without forcing users to buy big, heavy, slow-charging batteries for use on a limited number of tools,” says Mario Lopez, director of product management.
To achieve the desired outcome, the company increased the volume of copper windings and the quality of the rare earth magnets in the brushless motors. Combined with smart electronics, the new tools deliver up to twice the application speed compared to similar corded counterparts.
The new Rapid Optimum Chargers (1 and 2 battery models) get the job done faster than ever with the new batteries. The 2.5Ah XGT reaches 80 percent charge in 19 minutes and full charge in just 28 minutes.
A welcome accessory for current LXT tool users is an adapter for the new single battery charger. It lets users charge their 18V LXT batteries in the new charger.
The XGT batteries also feature improved durability with impact-absorbing structural changes and enhanced protection against water and dust.
New tools being introduced include 1/2-in. hammer driver-drills; 4-speed, high torque, 3/4-in. drive impact wrenches; 1/2-in. impact drivers; 4 1/2 to 9-in. paddle switch grinders with electric brakes; a 1 9/16-in. rotary hammer; a 15-lb. demolition hammer; and a 10 1/4-in. rear handle saw. Special features include active feedback sensing if rotation of blades or bits is forced to stop, and wireless dust extraction when tools are used with the Makita dust extraction systems.
“We will continue expanding the LXT tool line,” said Lopez. “We have introduced 50 new tools in the XGT line, with more on the way. We believe these tools fill the gap between our 18V tools and air/gas or AC tools.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Makita (ph 800 462-5482; www.makitatools.com/xgt).

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