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The Nut Wizard Gets An Upgrade
Cecil Holt of Douglas, Georgia, came up with the Nut Wizard to make retrieving nuts off the ground fast and easy. The push model units were first featured in FARM SHOW’s Vol. 38, No. 5. Recently, Holt built an attachment to mount several Nut Wizards on the side of a garden tractor to use in orchards.
The Nut Wizard is a rotating wire basket. As you push the basket along the ground, nuts work their way between the wires and wind up inside the basket.
He wanted to make the Nut Wizard work at a faster pace, so he mounted it to the side of his zero-turn lawn mower. It’s easier to see the nuts on the ground and where you’re going on a lawn mower. He uses the zero-turn mower to run in circles around trees or in a straight line to pick up nuts that fall farther from the tree.
“I offset the baskets that pick up the nuts so they can operate at the same time and not hit each other,” he says.
“I picked up about 25 lbs. of nuts in the first 2 min. I used it,” Holt says. “And they’re clean. As the baskets rotate, the wires will chew up any leaves that get in there as long as they’re at least somewhat dry. When the nuts hit the wires in the basket, they actually help grind up any leaves that get in there.”
He’s applied for a patent on the lawn mower edition of the Nut Wizard. Working with the new unit this year, Holt says he picked up about 12,000 lbs. of nuts in 6 days. He already has satisfied customers who’ve purchased a motorized Nut Wizard, even before the patent goes through.
“I’d say an 82-year-old man picking up that many Black Walnuts in a single week is impressive,” he says with a laugh.    
The arm mounts to the lawn mower deck. It’s flexible enough that you could drive into a ditch with it and the unit would stay level the whole time.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Cecil Holt, The Original Nut Wizard, at 1000 Bowens Mill Road SE, Douglas, Georgia 31535 (ph 912 389-1927; nutpickerdistributors@yahoo.com; www.holtsnutwizard.net).

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