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Junked School Bus Turned Into Greenhouse
With sweat equity, Rick Seals converted a junked school bus into a useful greenhouse. The bus was motorless, tireless and filled with junk on the Sewanee, Tenn., farm Seals purchased, but he recognized its potential.
He poured concrete pads and added cross-ties to level the bus after removing the junk from inside, then went to work transforming it.
“I started by cutting out the sheet metal between the structure ribs of the bus. It had sheet metal on the inside and outside with insulation in between. I used electric sheet metal shears, and it was easier to do than I anticipated,” he says, adding that he used the metal pieces for other projects including a tailgate, trailer fenders and a trailer bed.
He bolted treated 2 by 4’s on the exterior sides and top of the bus to attach the greenhouse plastic. Metal strips over the bus on the ends keep it in place.
Seals built benches out of scrap wood and used a storm door to cover the opening left from the missing bus door. He purchased treated lumber to make shelves for outdoor plants on the front of the bus.
Power and water connected to the bus make it easy to water plants and control the temperature with a fan along with opening and closing windows.
“I have only used it to raise bedding plants and late season lettuce, but I think it could be heated and used year-round,” Seals says. “All told, I have less than $500 in the greenhouse.”
The only thing he may adjust is to use two layers of the greenhouse plastic when it needs to be replaced, to create a double wall for better heat retention.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rick Seals, Sewanee, Tenn. (raseals@hotmail.com).

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