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“Corn Propeller” Squirrel Feeder
“To feed the squirrels that come into our yard on winter days and keep them from raiding the bird feeder, I made a 2-cob wooden ‘corn propeller’ and lag screwed it to a tree. The horizontal arm is a broken pitchfork handle, and the vertical arm is an old sledge hammer handle,” says Justin Kelzer, Randall, Minn..
    The cobs are held by screws. Kelzer cut the heads off them and then pounded them into holes drilled in the wood. The horizontal arm is attached to the tree by 2 lag screws, which he welded together head to head so the arm can be screwed in without turning inside the pitchfork handle.
    Next, he drilled a hole through the middle of the sledge hammer handle that’s big enough for a short piece of small pipe to act as a bushing, and he put a lag screw through the pipe and tightened it so the arm can still spin.
    “The squirrel climbs up to the top cob and spins around or down to the cob and grabs a kernel, and then turns around and sits on the horizontal arm while eating the kernel,” says Kelzer. “I can put 2 cobs on, and 2 days later they’re both gone. One time a deer grabbed the bottom cob and pulled down on it, which bent the screw in the horizontal arm, so I moved the unit up about 10 ft. off the ground. I place a ladder against the tree to put on the cobs.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Justin Kelzer, 1312 Apron Rd., Randall, Minn. 56475 (ph 320 360-5875; justin_kelzer@yahoo.com).

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