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“Made It Myself” Barrel Train
Mark Pittman, Morristown, Minn., was at an apple orchard with his family where they were giving “barrel train” rides to kids. His daughter asked if he could build one for his grandkids, so he got to work.
“I searched on YouTube and found a video series from Jim Bollinger of DoRite Fabrication with instructions and a materials list,” says Pittman.
He got 55-gal. detergent barrels from a nephew’s dairy barn. The wheel assemblies came from Harbor Freight for less than $5 each and the steering wheels were purchased from eBay, and were for wooden play sets. He used 1-in. square tubing, 1-in. flat iron, and 5/8-in. rod from a local metal supply store. Stripes of 2-in. colored tape from a local sign shop match the steering wheels in each car.
Pitman made the seats from wood and used reflectors for the dash and lights. Hitch pins and keepers are used between the cars, and also on his John Deere X724 garden tractor used to pull the train.
The train is 47 ft. long from the front of the tractor to the back of the 9th car. The measurments used to build each car allow them to track behind the ones in front and allow the whole train to turn in a small space.
“I spent about $40 per car for materials and I am very happy with it. I use it to entertain my grandchildren and I may even put it in a few local parades,” says Pittman.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mark Pittman, 11984 Morristown Blvd., Morristown, Minn. 55052.

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