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No Mounting Headaches With Stand-Alone Doors
An innovative door design from Schweiss Doors eliminates side column supports and headers, cuts building costs and makes installation a breeze. The Superstructure Triple-Leg Stand-Alone Door comes pre-assembled, pre-welded and pre-hung in its own pre-squared subframe. Simply frame in the opening and slide in the door system. Available in both bifold and hydraulic doors, the new design is a Schweiss exclusive.
“The sides and ends of the door are supported in all positions,” says Mike Schweiss, Schweiss Doors. “The subframe header provides structural strength that carries the weight of the large moving doorframe. Door loads are transferred to the concrete footer during operation, not to the building.”
The new design works equally well with bifold doors. Heavy-duty hinges that connect the doorframe to the subframe header support the doorframe in all positions, whether being lifted by straps or hydraulic cylinders.
Schweiss explains that the Tri-Leg Stand-Alone self-supported doorframe eliminates the need for builders to incorporate a truss or header to support the bifold or hydraulic doors on the structure. That eliminates costly structural steel from the cost of a building. It also reduces installation labor and time. Equally important, the doorframe supports the structure instead of the structure supporting the doorframe.
“Installation is easy,” says Schweiss. “Just lift the framework and door into place all in one step.”
The stand-alone design can be added to new or existing buildings without costly retrofitting. Base price is $8,500, but Schweiss notes that each door is custom built to customer needs and price varies by size.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Schweiss Doors, 72121 470th St., Hector, Minn. 55342 (ph 507 426-8273; toll free 800 746-8273; schweiss@schweissdoors.com; www.schweissdoors.com).

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