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Aeration System Keeps Manure “Agitated”
An automatic manure slurry agitation system that’s proven effective in Europe since 1998 is being introduced to North America. Grand River Robotics of Fergus, Ontario is the distributor for the Smart Manure Agitation System from Dairy Power, based in Cork, Ireland. The system keeps slurry continually agitated and in a pumpable state so it’s always ready for spreading.
Adam Steward of Dairypower says Smart Slurry provides a safer environment for livestock and workers because it eliminates the build up of dangerous methane and hydrogen sulfide gasses in the manure slurry. Agitation also improves the fertility value of manure by keeping nutrients evenly distributed throughout the slurry. Steward says the system has shown nearly a 50 percent increase in total nitrogen in a Netherlands test, which can significantly reduce fertilizer costs for crop producers.
The system works by pumping oxygen through 50mm class D UPVC pipes located around and across the base of a slurry tank or pit. The pipework doesn’t corrode or degrade from the manure. It’s fixed to the tank floor by stainless steel brackets and bolts. Air is sent through the pipes by a high volume, low pressure blower pump. The blower operates quietly so it doesn’t disturb the animals. Air circulates through the slurry and creates a stirring action several times in a 24-hr. period, resulting in a 1/2 to 2 percent solids content. The company says the typical return on investment is 4 to 6 years.
The fully automatic Smart Manure Aeration System can be installed in new or existing liquid manure facilities for cattle, hogs or poultry. Nicholas Dollard installed his system in 2016 in a building that houses 300 cows. “I wouldn’t go away from it for anything,” he says. “There’s no danger of gasses and whenever we want to spread manure all we do is back the tanker in and take some loads.” In Voss, Norway, Gaute Ovstedal says their 28-manifold system operates through 3 rotary valves, eliminating the need for any agitation before loadout. Ostedal says there’s almost no smell in the automated system that’s electronically controlled, working 24 hrs. a day.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Grand River Robotics, 935 Gartshore St., Fergus, Ontario Canada N1M 3E2 (ph 226 383-7678; www.grrobotics.ca).

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