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Superzilla Penetrates, Cleans And Lubricates
When I saw the TV ad for Superzilla, it sounded too good to be true - a plant-based product that is a penetrating oil, cleaner and lubricant. After testing it on a few projects, I have to admit it does all three, and unlike petroleum-based products it doesn’t have a strong odor so it can be used indoors.
    As promised, it loosened rusty threads on a stuck pipe connection by just spraying from the bottom. After letting it set about 20 min., the oil worked its way up the threads to remove the rust, and it loosened with a wrench.
    Background information on the Superzilla website indicates the Michigan company owner developed the product for people after a soldier told him how military cleaners ate the skin off his hands and had ingredients that can result in liver/kidney damage.
    The inventor of Superzilla doesn’t list the ingredients on the product or online, but says the USDA Certified Biobased product is non-hazardous. He used it for more than 6 years to remove buildup on fuel injectors, carburetors and carbon from the top of engines. And it cleans out catalytic converters so they pass emission testing.
    It’s also a great cleaner for household items. I was impressed with how easily it cleaned my stainless steel refrigerator without streaking - better than the cleaner I bought for stainless steel. I removed adhesive residue left from tape and cleaned gas grill racks. I also let it soak in for about 10 min. on a greasy area of an old cupboard door and it cleaned it nicely.
    The website tells how to remove things such as tree sap, wine, ink, marker, nail polish and oil paints from brushes. One video shows how it removes spray paint off a pickup.
    As a lubricant it frees stuck locks, and makes sliding doors and bike chains work better.
    The one thing it shouldn’t be used for is cleaning guns. The company developed Gunzilla for that purpose.
    The $20 (plus $6 shipping) I spent for the aerosol can and an 8-oz. bottle was well worth it - one for the shop and one for the house. Many other sizes and options are available online. Not a lot of directions came with the order, but under “Using Superzilla” the website has a page of directions for many uses, plus there are videos.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Superzilla, www.superzilla.us

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