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3-Pt. Mounted Cube Cake Feeder
Making use of a 55-gal. plastic barrel and the grain conveyor off an old Deere 35 combine, Matthew Hempel put together a low-cost, 3-pt. mounted range cube feeder for his cattle. It holds 300 lbs. of cubes.
“It lets me feed cattle from the seat of my tractor by pulling on a lever. The hydraulic-powered conveyor delivers the cubes off to the side,” he says.
“I built it because I didn’t want to spend the money for a commercial pickup-mounted cube feeder. We had been feeding cubes by hand out of 50-lb. bags, but it was dangerous work. Our cows love range cubes so much that if you’re not careful you could get trampled.”
He shortened the conveyor to 6 ft. and bolted it onto a wooden platform that rests on a pair of 3-pt. mounted forks. The conveyor is shaft-driven by a small hydraulic motor that runs off the tractor’s hydraulics. The barrel lays sideways on top of the conveyor, and is bolted to an angle iron bracket welded to the conveyor.
Hempel cut a 6-in. wide slot lengthwise into the underside of the barrel, and a corresponding slot on top of the conveyor. He also cut an opening on top of the barrel and made a hinged lid so he can dump in bags of feed by hand.
He also can set the feeder in his pickup bed and operate it off the vehicle’s hydraulics.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Matthew Hempel, Semper Fidelis Ranch, 1349 Hempel Rd., Eldridge, Mo. 65463 (ph 417 664-8392; hempelranch@gmail.com).

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