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He Lights His Planters Up With LEDs
Nebraska farmer Jeremy Bacon says he and his dad will have an easier time planting after dark this year because of the new LED lights they added to their planters. “My brother-in-law Justin Walsh and I have seen LED strip lights a few places and figured for a few bucks, why not give them a try,” Bacon says. “After checking a few online sources we found them on Amazon.”
Bacon and Walsh used zip ties to fasten the ultra bright LED strip lights to the vacuum tube on his Deere 36-row soybean planter. “There are 600 lights on a 40-ft. roll, so we spliced strips together to extend the full width of the 60-ft. planter. The strips have a double row of lights, are waterproof and designed for outdoor use.” They powered the lights by tapping into the planter’s OEM CCS platform light switch.
“It’s really amazing how much light 900 LED’s put out,” Bacon says. “I took nightime pictures with the planter in front of our machine shed and the whole side of the building was lit up.”
Bacon says that he, Walsh, and his dad were so impressed with the bean planter lighting that they put the same setup on his corn planter. They zip-tied the string lights under the toolbar, which he says provides an excellent nighttime view of the row units, row cleaners, disk openers and closing wheels.
“I’ve probably got $125 or so into the lights and about 3 hrs. of time invested once we figured out where and how to mount them,” Bacon says. “We also put strips around the base of the center fill tanks so when they’re lit, the planters look like giant bumblebees.”
Bacon shared photos of his planters to friends on Twitter and he says they “lit up” social media. “I had friends and neighbors asking me how I did that and farmers were even coming to the dealer asking where they could get the lights,”
Bacon says.
The lights he used are made by Roofeng and run off 12-volt DC power.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bacon Farms, P.O. Box 150, Hubbard, Neb. 68741.

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