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Limited feeder controls intake, elimintes boss sow problem
Three exclusive features highlight the "new and improved" limited sow feeder from D and M Livestock., Burbank, S. Dak.:
•It solves the "boss sow" problem.
•It controls the amount of feed fed per sow at each feeding and will accurately dole out a wide range of ration compositions, including high bulk, without bridging.
•Feeding is fast and simple a quick push-pull of the handle at one end. The amount of feed doled out per stall per feeding (from 3 to 6 lbs. in 3/4 lb. increments) can be adjusted in a matter of seconds from the outside. For every other day feeding, just push and pull the lever twice on the day the sows are slated for feeding.
The patented new feeder, made of 14 ga. or heavier steel throughout, has 8 feeding stalls (4 per side). With lid, it holds 22 bu., weighs 494 lbs, and measures 81 in. long, 33 in. wide and 56 in. high.
Generally, it only takes 3 or 4 days at most to eliminate the "boss sow" problem with the new feeder, says Delmar Lynch, inventor-manufacturer. "The key is to have a feeding stall for each sow in the group. At first, the boss sow will busy herself pushing others out of their stalls. They, in turn, will rush to her empty stall. She soon discovers that, if she doesn't quit being boss, she won't get anything to eat."
If you feed sows under roof and on a concrete floor, you can buy the 8-hole feeder "stripped " (without lid and replaceable metal floor in the feeding stations) for $700. Add $60 for the optional lid, and $50 for the optional metal floor.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, D and M. Livestock Inc., Delmar and Sylvia Lynch, Rt. 1 Box 86, Burbank, S. Dak. 57010 (ph 1 800 484-1050, or 605 624-9628).

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