2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21, Page #18
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Egg Washer Designed For The Pastured Poultry Producer
The Power Scrub egg washer was born on a farm after experiencing the need for an effective way to wash pastured eggs. We built the first prototype in 2014 for our own use (its still in use today) with the plan of building more for other farmers if it worked well. Upon finishing the prototype we spent 1 years designing a more professional machine.
The Power Scrub is built exclusively from stainless steel, (even down to the fasteners) HDPE, and delrin plastics all food grade and noncorrosive. We put special effort into making it a maintenance free machine by using stainless steel sealed bearings and delrin for the slow moving parts. The result is a durable washer that should run for many years with little maintenance.
Our washer is outfitted with a variable speed drive creating a very high efficiency for clean eggs to heavily soiled eggs or just one operator or several workers. The Power Scrub is capable of processing up to 3,500 eggs per hour with customer feedback as high as 8,000 eggs per hour.
The first machine was sold in January of 2017. At that point we were building them part time along with farming. Currently we are manufacturing them full time and have presence in 30 states and U.S. territories as well as in 3 foreign countries. Farmers usually begin looking at our washer with 400 hens, and a lot of our customers have between 800 and 5,000 hens. This washer does well with chicken, turkey, duck, or goose eggs.
The base unit is offered with various options tailored for individual needs, such as a candler, side conveyor, packing table, and drying fans. Heavy or stiffer brushes are offered for duck eggs. The brushes are adjustable for different sizes of eggs. We build electric, air powered, and line shaft ready machines. Pricing begins at $6,100.00 ranging up to $7,500.00 depending on options chosen.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Power Scrub Manufacturing, William Burkholder, 663 West Fall RD, South Salem OH, 45681 (ph (937) 981-5770; fax 540 879-9591).

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2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21