2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21, Page #14
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Never Dig Again To Replace Water Hydrants
Levi Fisher has the solution for water hydrant failures with his “Never Dig Hydrant Sleeve.” Add the sleeve when replacing a hydrant, or even better, install it when first installing a hydrant for easy replacement.
“I worked in my father’s plumbing business for 15 years and dug up many failed hydrants,” recalls Fisher. “I knew there must be a better way. We came up with the “Never Dig hydrant sleeve”, and when I started Fisher Manufacturing, it was our first product.”
Fisher credits his father for passing along ownership of the idea. Since starting in 2008, Fisher has sold thousands of the units. Included in each packet is a stainless steel elbow fitting, the pvc sleeve, and sleeve caps. The hydrant and the water line fitting are not included.
Once the hole has been dug and the old hydrant removed, a fitting to connect the elbow to the water line is installed. Fisher recommends inserting the hydrant pipe down into the sleeve and threading it unto the elbow. Before inserting the sleeve into the ground and attaching the water line, insert the sleeve caps to prevent debris from entering the sleeve.
Once the water line has been attached and the hole is refilled future hydrant replacements are a matter of unthreading the hydrant pipe from the “Never Dig hydrant sleeve” and replacing it. No more digging required.
“The top of the 40-in. pvc sleeve should be above ground level,” says Fisher. “If necessary, add a pvc coupling and additional pipe to the sleeve.”
Fisher sells the “Never Dig Hydrant Sleeve” direct by phone or through his dealer network. The assembly includes the sleeve, Stainless Steel fitting and sleeve caps are priced at $59.71. A stainless steel bracket for attaching the hydrant to a wall is $19.14. An install video can be viewed at fishermanufacturing.com or by googling “Never Dig hydrant sleeve”. He encourages FARM SHOW readers interested in becoming dealers to contact him.
“Our goal is to see them sold every place that sells hydrants,” says Fisher.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Fisher Manufacturing, 706 Red Hill Rd., Narvon, PA. 17555 (ph 717 768-0155).

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2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21