2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21, Page #05
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Kile® Thresh & Transition Bars
K 505TD is a ten degree bar to maximize the contact surface on the top of the bar to the concave.
K 506 bar is an all purpose bar with extended rasp ramp which begins rasping sooner, allowing more crop to rub on itself. These deeper & wider rasps, on each bar, are aggressive yet gentle on the crop, allowing the material to be managed thru the threshing/separating system. K507 extended rasp spiked bar (with or without carbide) is used, as needed, when cutting rice, corn & beans.
Our small tube bars have dual bolt mounts, to secure the bars to the rotor. We have 4 dual bolt styles, shown are the 28 degree K520.2 extended rasp all purpose bar for small seed and grain to corn & beans. And the K 521.2 spike bar, available with or without carbide. The carbide tip dramatically extends the spike wear and is the go-to bar for rice.
Noted features of thresh bars:
• High performance bars for Case IH rotors
• Reduce over-threshing
• More surface area for exceptional crop feeding
• 30-50% larger surface area per bar than OEM
• Enhances separation of material for a cleaner tank sample
• Aggressive feeding yet gentle on all crops
• Dual bolt mount on small tube bars
• Made in USA of cast chrome alloy (high impact resistant) excellent wear ability
Welded AR steel bars which mount in the cone area of flagship combines. These will assist in extending the life of your cone as it transitions the crop into the concave area, where the threshing occurs.
Visit Kile’s website for prices, dealer list, & other bar photos.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kile Machine & Mfg Inc, 401 Squires Rd, Rosalia, WA 99170 (ph 509-569-3814; info@kilemfg.com; www.kilemfg.com).

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2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21