2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21, Page #04
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“Log Dog” Simplifies Wood Cutting
“I was tired of cutting wood on the ground and having the chain hit dirt or rocks, so I built a log picker for the front of my pallet fork. Now my loader forks can hold a log about waist high and I can just walk along and cut off pieces from each end without having to stoop over,” says Pennsylvania handyman Bob Stevenson.
Stevenson built his “Log Dog” out of 3-in. channel iron, but he says, “One of these could easily be made from square stock or angle iron, whatever’s available in the junk pile.
“Basically it’s a manual eccentric arm that holds a de-limbed log in place so it doesn’t tilt or turn, and it sure makes cutting a whole lot easier,” Stevenson says. “I usually grab a log or limb with the forks, lock the Log Dog in place, then drive over to the wood pile and cut away. The last cut is in the middle, between the forks, and both pieces fall on the pile.”
Stevenson’s device mounts slightly further out than the regular forks, attaching to J hooks, which are free-swinging. The J hooks mount onto the bucket with a steel rod supporting them. His Log Dog bolts in place so the attachment can’t slide off.
“I’ve used the Log Dog for 3 years without any problems, holding pieces from 4 in. to about 18 in. dia. and up to 30 ft. long,” Stevenson says. “Cutting this way is at least twice as fast and much safer than cutting on the ground.”
Stevenson’s wood cutting setup also includes a homemade splitter mounted on back of the tractor with a carry-all box for his tools, log roller, wedges, chain saw and spare parts.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bob Stevenson, 440 Robinson Road, Blain, Pa. 17006 (ph 717 536-3793).

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2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21