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Low Wear Seed Tubes
Chrome-tipped seed shanks mounted on a sweep plow frame have provided Ethan Britten, Haswell, Colo. with a low maintenance seed rig for wheat and milo that has "more clearance than any hoe drill I've ever seen or heard of."
The 1 by 3-in. seed tube shank is fitted with clamps to a 4-in. square toolbar. It can be quickly adjusted up and down for depth. "They're solidly mounted and stay put where set. They don't ride up over hard ground."
Britten welds a piece of chrome alloy to the leading edge of the point for a hard-wearing surface. He says the points wear down evenly so that he can set them deeper as they wear. It costs only about $1.00 in material to replace a point. He just cuts off the old point with a cut-off saw and welds on a new one.
"Because the point is so narrow (7/16-in. wide) the shanks throw almost no dirt at normal planting speeds of 4 to 6 mph. I often run at 8 mph and I have traveled at speeds up to 10 mph without throwing dirt into the next row," says Britten.
He mounts his homemade points on a Flex-King sweep plow frame and follows the shanks up with Flex-King press wheels. "I'd be happy to help other farmers adapt this design to their equipment."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ethan Britten, Star Route Box 20, Haswell, Colo. 81045 (ph 303 446-5370).

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